S.S.C. (Street Survival Concepts) 


    S.S.C. is a self-defense program created by Soke - Michael D. Waight.  This system has been taught to children, Teens, Adults, Older Adults, Moms and Law Enforcment personel It contains 3 levels:

Level-1: Unarmed vs. unarmed and multiple attackers

Level-2: Unarmed vs. clubs, bats, knives and guns

Level-3: Fully licensed S.S.C. Instructor


S.S.C. (Street Survival Concepts) Level - 1 Certified:

1. Brandon Garcia

2. Robert Riojas (Given permission to teach level-1

3. John Ohlhausem (Given permission to teach level-1

4. Luis Martinez (Given Permission to teach level-1

5. Robert Blackburn (Given Permission to teach level-1)

6.Erik Hoofard (Given permission to teach level-1)





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