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 Soke - Michael D. Waight, Founder/Cheif Instructor:

Born April 3, 1976 in San Antonio,TX, Sensei Waight is the Founder, President and Chief Instructor of The International Fudokan Dojo Association. As a former member of the Bujinkan,

Sensei Waight studied under Anshu-Stephen K. Hayes, Shidoshi-Bill Vives and Shihan-Richard Van Donk. As well as being a former Shidoshi, he is also a licensed Ninja Weapons Specialist-Advanced Level/Instructor under Shihan-Van Donk. After leaving the Bujinkan, he decided to take his classical trainning and modern street self defense, blending it together, thus offering classical Budo/ Ninjutsu with survival tactics such as club, knife and gun defense using simple modern skills that fill the holes in other systems.

Sensei's martial arts trainning began at age 11 with basic Karate, soon he moved onto Kung Fu, then eventually to Muay Thai. After some time off, found a flyer in a Ninjutsu book at a local bookstore.. it was for the Bujinkan Dojo of Ninjutsu and Budo-Taijutsu. He attended his first class at age 22 under Shidoshi Billy Vives, Fullfiling a lifeling dream of studying the authentic Ninja martial arts... The rest is history. He Eventually became 4th Dan Shidoshi, as well as studying privately under American Ninjutsu Legend Grandmaster-Anshu Stephen K. Hayes and Shihan Richard Van Donk. Eventually forming the Inernational Fudokan Dojo, teaching his own private Ryu of Fudoshin Ryu Budo-Taijutsu, Ten Chi Jin Ryu Iaido, Doko Ryu Kosshijutsu and Shigoku Ryu Koppojutsu.

Although he will always respect the teaching of the Bujinkan and his teachers, Sensei Waight preffers to travel his own path nowadays and has students ages 5-65. His main goal is to spread the true arts of Budo while also teaching real Street Survival Concepts.

Sensei met his Wife Carolyn in 1999. They have been married since March of 2002.

Together they have 1 Daughter

The Fudokan Hombu Dojo is located in Lytle,Tx where Sensei and his family currently reside.


Class Schedule:

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Adult classes:  6:00pm - 7:30pm


Monthly Fee's:




19008 Elisa St. Lytle, TX 78052


John Lott Lytle Park


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